Thursday, March 30, 2023

PCs and laptops sales fall in 2022: Report

As predicted by IDC, the PCs and Laptops sales fall by 15% from the same time last year to the same time the following year. Since the beginning of 2022, the market for personal computers is already going down, and this trend shows no sign of stopping.

IDC’s industry experts it has did make a preliminary estimate because PC shipments fell by 15% in the third quarter. The term PCs is used in this study to mean desktop laptops and workstations, but not servers, tablets, or 2-in-1 convertible sales.

Overall shipments to consumers and wholesalers went up from Q1’s 71.1 million to Q2’s 74.3 million, which is a good thing.

In Q2, 71.3 million items were sent out, also in comparison to 80.5 million in Q1, this did not represent a very big change.

Global Shipments of Traditional Personal Computers, Q3 2022, Top 5 Manufacturers, Market Shares, and also Year-Over-Year Growth (Preliminary results, shipments are in thousands of units)

Company3Q22 Shipments3Q22 Market Share3Q21 Shipments3Q21 Market Share3Q22/3Q21 Growth
1. Lenovo16,88022.70%20,12923.10%-16.10%
2. HP12,70617.10%17,60320.20%-27.80%
3. Dell11,96316.10%15,18417.40%-21.20%
4. Apple10,06013.50%7,1748.20%40.20%
5. ASUS5,5407.50%6,0116.90%-7.80%

Shipments are “far above” what they were prior to the pandemic, but 2022 looks to be a worse year overall than 2021. In the months before the pandemic, many computers were bought just to replace those that ran Windows 7, which was getting close to the end of its support.

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In 2022, it was still hard to get PC parts, which drove up their prices and, in turn, the average selling price of all PCs. But the ASP went down in Q2 and Q3, which Linn Huang, research vice president of Devices & Displays at IDC, says shows “a market in retreat.”

Even in 2022, Lenovo’s PCs are still the best on the market, followed by those from HP and Dell. So the fifth-placed ASUS is right behind the fourth-placed Apple. The only good sign here is that Apple’s stock price went up by 40% during the time period.

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