Wednesday, November 29, 2023

PayPal’s new “super app” finally includes messaging

PayPal can continue its attempt to flip its mobile payment app into a paypal’s new “super app”, consistent with the company’s CEO.

PayPal CEO Dan Shulman recently told investors during a conference call about second-quarter results. He told that the first version of his new consumer digital wallet app is “code-packed” and almost ready to launch.

By turning its remittance app into a super app, PayPal can become similar to China’s WeChat or Alipay or India’s Paytm. It offer a variety of services in addition to supporting mobile payments. The company antecedently same that its super app can embrace variety of recent options, such as:
PayPal also plans to add ecommerce capabilities to the mobile shopping tool it received after acquiring the popular $4 billion online shopping extension Honey. Which can get the super app’s ability to find deals and track them included in the price of the service.

Message function

During the company’s recent call with investors, Shulman conjointly proclaimed that electronic messaging are going to be another feature obtainable in PayPal’s super app.

By adding a messaging feature, PayPal users can send messages to friends, family and retailers without leaving the app. You can also say thank you directly from the app after receiving funds without having to use other messaging services.

Schulman provides any details on all the new practicality that may be out there within the PayPal super app within the company’s Profit Talk:

“Obviously [the user experience] is being redesigned. We have pricing and shopping. We have a whole donation center related to crowdsourcing, donating to charities. And of course buy now, payments later will be fully integrate. When I do the last times counted, it looks like 25 new features we’ll be implementing in an upgrade.”
Although the PayPal super app is complete, the company doesn’t provide any information about when it will distribute to users. Although the app continues to be update with new features even after its launch.

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