Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Palestinian female activist Mona-El-Kurd arrested by Israeli forces

An Israeli court ruled in a long and bitter court case that the land in East Jerusalem belonged to a Jewish settlement organization. Palestinian female activist used social media to draw international attention to the possible eviction of several Palestinian families. Footage posted on social media showed 23 years old Mona-El-Kurd was in handcuffs when she arrested from her home by Israeli forces.

Tensions in Sheikh Jarrah have played a role in recent fighting between Israel and the Palestinian group Hamas. Clashes broke out at Sheikh Jarrah and Al-Aqsa Mosque in occupied East Jerusalem saw 11 days of hostilities. More than 250 people have killed in recent conflict. Read More…

Israeli forces interviewed a Palestinian female activist who plays a key role in protests against the possible eviction of Palestinian families from their homes in East Jerusalem. Video footage shows Mona-El-Kurd in handcuffs when she arrested from her home in the Sheikh Jarrah district. El-Kurd’s twin brother, Mohammed, was also questioned but both released later after interrogation. The family’s lawyer said the pair has accused of disturbing public order and involving in riots.

Many Palestinians and their supporters have come to see Mona and Mohammed-Al-Kurd as the new powerful voices of young protest. Dozens of Palestinian supporters showed up outside a police station in East Jerusalem where Mona-El-Kurd and her twin brother Mohammed had imprisoned. Her father, Nabil-El-Kurd told reporters he was shock when Israeli security forces raid up at the home and searched the entire house. He added that Israel won’t scare us or our children and we don’t care if you arrest us for fighting for Jerusalem and Sheikh Jarrah.

Israeli forces are not stopping to hit or arrest civilians…

After Mona-El-Kurd arrested on Sunday, An Israeli police spokesman said officials arrested the suspect “by order of the court”. Israeli police fired a stunning grenade on press conference of El-Kurd’s father. He was speaking under shade of tree. Although the incident was peaceful but then saw a Palestinian in the ambulance. It feels like another unnecessary escalation of tensions this week will happen in Jerusalem.

Just hours after El-Kurd’s arrest, media journalist Givara Budeiri had briefly arrested while reporting on Sheikh Jarrah. She was covering protests against the threat of expulsion of Palestinian families from Sheikh Jarrah. Israeli police accused me. Budeiri of assaulting officers but she denied the accusations.

A statement from the media network said the incident showed a total disregard for the basic human rights of journalists. It also condemned the arrest of journalist.

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