Saturday, December 9, 2023

We admit the role of Pakistan for Afghan peace :Lloyd Austin

Biden’s government is currently reviewing a Afghan peace deal signed by Donald Trump with the Taliban last year. The deal stated that US troops must withdraw completely from Afghanistan by May 1. But US President said, “It is impossible to withdraw troops completely. We want peace in region with coordination of all forces”. However, Secretary Austin ignored the warning from Taliban that US troops in Afghanistan will reap the consequences of refusal of deal. But he said he believed American commanders have the capability to repel attacks on their troops and the right to defend themselves.

The Biden government has appointed Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad as special envoy for Afghanistan. He made his first trip to the region as envoy for the new US government, visiting Doha, Kabul and Islamabad.

Pentagon Chief and US Defence Secretary Mr. Llyod Austin was on unexpected visit to Kabul. He had met with Aghan President Mr. Ashraf Ghani. Speaking to press Conference, Austin said, “participation in the review we are doing here with the President  is very useful. US wants ‘responsible end’ of Afghanistan war and refused to give deadline for troops withdrawl”.

In a telephone conversation with Pakistani COAS General Qamar Javed Bajwa, he expressed his “gratitude for Islamabad’s continued support for the Afghan peace process”. He also praised Pakistan’s cooperation for peace in Afghanistan. Austin said, “It is also fact of our ‘common interest’ to continue coopeartion. He has thanked and strengthened the US commitment to maintaining strong bilateral defence relations with Pakistan.

Secretary Austin has withdrawn from his meeting in New Delhi, prompted by responses from” partners who are increasingly important in today’s rapidly changing international dynamics “. He also said, “ he sees Pakistan as an ‘important partner’ in peace deal.”

Pakistan’s view on US-Taliban Deal and Afghan Peace

Afghanistan is one of the regions where the Biden administration is still seeking Pakistani cooperation. On the other side Pakistan’s envoy in Washington said “Islamabad wanted independent relations with the United States, although it was ready to continue to play a positive role in the Afghan peace process. Moreover, we want a realistic and mutually beneficial partnership. The ongoing peace process in Afghanistan is our best option for achieving an inclusive country in Afghanistan”

General Bajwa also told a security conference, “Our stable role in the quest for peace in Afghanistan today is testament to our goodwill and understanding of our global and moral obligations”.

Furthermore, Pakistan has closely involvement with the US for the Afghan peace process and facilitated the agreement signing. Also to  start of intra-Afghan talks which currently appear to have upheld due to the review process in Washington.  Meanwhile, Islamabad wants both sides to move forward and build their February 2020 agreement so that a peaceful political solution can be reached.

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