Thursday, March 30, 2023

Pakistan’s energy industry is the biggest CO2 pollution source : CREA

Pakistan’s electrical industry is a major source of CO2 pollution in Pakistan, according to a study performed by the Center for Energy and Clean Air Research (CREA).

Although the energy sector accounts for almost 1/4 of the country’s CO2 emissions, it has the biggest decarbonization potential since zero-carbon solutions are cost feasible.

In the previous three years, Pakistan has increased its coal energy production capacity by 5090 MW, making about 95% of the country’s total installed capacity. The report says that this is at the time when the global climate, air pollution and economic cost of coal-fired power plants and plans are phased out.

It was also said that a large cluster of coal mines and power plants, with a total of 9 power plants and 3700 MW of capacity, had been put up in the Thar area alone, of which 660 MW have already been awarded.

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