Friday, September 22, 2023

Pakistani Politics Change

Healthy democracies welcome diverse opinions. Diversity eliminates the status quo. Free speech and association have long been part of democracy. Diversity boosts democracy.

Diversity produces ethnic, religious, political, economic, and other divisions. Pakistanis understand.

Recent political upheavals in Pakistan have polarized the country, families, social circles, and WhatsApp groups. As we plummet, the consequences get scarier. Rivals were maligned first.

The leadership’s tone has grown absurd after so-called “fifth-generation warfare.” Internet craziness caused street pandemonium. Polarization and blind faith foster rivalry.

Politically healthy cultures don’t do this. Wisdom and institutions avoid polarization. Political knowledge enables a peaceful, efficient democratic society.

Pakistani culture has traditionally been divided by politics, but in recent years, politicians have exploited religious, ethnic, and political emotions. Some are so excellent at it that they exploit contradictory beliefs.

Leaders aren’t blameless. If it fits their plans, they can do it. It’s a measure of society’s low political and social consciousness that the majority misses exploitative tendencies and, when they do, believes it’s for the greater good. Love equals strife. We lack affection. Hurtful mocking is normalized.

Ironically, media indoctrination through TV advertisements has always existed. Media bias hinders democracy. The media undermines mutual respect and questions the country’s opinion variety. The country’s gloomy condition has strangled narratives, alienating the citizenry.

Such polarization can’t survive with a 60% voter turnout. Stopping mudslinging and putting differences aside is the only way out. Pakistan should become a respected democracy and nation.

Politicians must standardise the system to prevent abandonment. not dirty politics but economic and social issues. This polarisation could have long-term consequences.

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