Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Pakistani Bride experiments with Traditional wedding look

  • Photos of Stylist Wazhma Awan featuring as ‘Queen of Quetta’ gone viral on Instagram after being shared by her photographers Natasha Zubair and Maham Iqbal Bosan.

A Pakistani bride has become a new sensation on social media after rejecting the usual wedding look and opting for items that are not common to the bride.

Stylist Wazhma Awan’s Instagram photo by her wedding photographers Natasha Zubair and Maham Iqbal Bosan shows her with a crown, colorful traces, and dramatic eyeliner, none of which are widely used at weddings in Pakistan.

“I see brides in all kinds of designers and they all look the same,” she told media. “They look like photocopies.” “But this is a special day for everyone and maybe not everyone is like me,” she said.

Here are some pictures, we can check

For her mehandi, Awan wore an outfit from the House of Kamiar Rokni, a crown from an Etsy shop in the Czech Republic, homemade jewelry, and a trail of artificial flowers, as seen in the photo.

According to the stylist, who “dresses differently and experiences frequent experiments, she wants clothing that “contains elements of different cultures”. “I have watched brides all over Asia and was attracted to a more tribal nomadic style,” said Awan.

After reading about Chinese and Indonesian culture, because some people wear ordinary hats with dramatic eyebrows. Finally Awan decided to wear a piece of Kamiar Rokni – a jacket with elements of Chinese culture with the words “Desi Vibe”.

Idea behind a colored veil

“I didn’t want a matha patti or a dupatta,” she said, expressing the idea behind a colored veil. The person in charge of wedding decorations, Hashim, was finally given a veil (made of cloth) after showing a photo of the traditional western wedding route.

While makeup is done by Ikram Gohar, signature eyeliner is entirely her endeavor.

To her Nikkah, the Pakistani bride wore all gold clothes and jewelry, similar to a Bengali Bride. Her appearance excited people and some even asked her if she belonged to another ethnic group. “It was a lot of fun,” said Awan, who is from Balochistan.

Her parents are Punjabi and Pathan, and she always mixes all three elements in her style, says Awan. She also includes rituals from Indian, Baloch and Pathan cultures in her wedding.

“I even appeared at a bari show,” she said. “Everyone was having good time and it was a lot of fun,” she added.

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