Thursday, February 22, 2024

Pakistan will not do more business of offering military bases: Moeed Yusuf

National Security Adviser (NSA) Dr. Moeed Yusuf declared that Pakistan was no longer in the business of offering military sites, but its economic grounds were available for anyone.

Dr. Moeed Yusuf said in an interview with BBC World News on Wednesday that an insecure Afghanistan might lead to a refugee crisis, giving foreign terrorist groups more room to operate.

The NSA stated Pakistan’s policy shift, attitude on Afghanistan, and economic ambitions under the CPEC.

“If you don’t like 30 individuals, make sure 30 million die,” he remarked in answer to Stephen Sackur’s query regarding Afghanistan’s new government. So, you’re saying? Just realize the implication of your words.”

Dr. Yusuf emphasized that he was not defending the Taliban, but rather calling for dialogue.

“Our message to the Afghan Taliban is more inclusivity, no terrorism from Afghan soil, and human rights for all.”

“It is the worst economic and humanitarian tragedy we have ever witnessed,” he stated, citing the UNDP Head in Afghanistan.

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A million youngsters are malnourished and 22.8 million people face extreme food shortages. That’s life in Pakistan.”

In addition to rescuing 49,000 individuals from 75 nations, Pakistan built land and air bridge to Afghanistan, inviting the world to use it for free.

Dr. Yusuf said while underlining Afghanistan’s contribution to NATO forces.

He grieved that the UN and ICRC were sobbing because no money could enter Afghanistan owing to banking embargoes.

The NSA stated that Pakistan has a 1,600-mile border with Afghanistan and that after 40 years, 4 million Afghan refugees remained in Pakistan.

What about the EU, UK, and US attitudes to refugees arriving on your shores? he questioned BBC anchor Stephen Sackur.

“As long as Afghanistan is insecure, my nation is unstable,” he said.

Dr. Yusuf added that any instability or collapse in Afghanistan would hit Pakistan the next day.

“As Pakistan’s NSA, I have the right to tell the world, and so does [Pakistan’s] Prime Minister, that the international community’s strategy to Afghanistan is doomed to fail, and we will suffer as a result.”

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