Friday, February 23, 2024

Pakistan will face more Internet interruptions soon

It looks like the Pakistan internet will face more Internet interruptions. As Pakistan gets back on its feet after the heavy rain and flooding, there will more Internet interruptions in the coming days. Floods damaged or cut several fiber optic lines in the upper Sindh region.

Wednesday, PTCL grants the Ministry of IT and Telecom a technical report that grants more information about the situation. According to the report, the heavy equipment is to clear floodwaters in the Sukkur division is always damaging fiber-optic lines. This has caused frequent internet outages in the area.

After noticing that the Internet frequently quit functioning. The Ministry asked the telecom regulator, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, for technical reports (PTA). PTA says that the problems with the internet are still not the result of sabotage or crime. But by people digging trenches in several places to change where the water goes.

Reports say that multiple cuts in the Ghotki, Khairpur, and Sukkur districts caused the most recent delays earlier this week. The most severe damage happening in the tehsil Ranipur of the Khairpur district.

IT and Telecommunications Minister Syed Aminul Haque warned that it is a big problem that would only get worse.

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Most of the routes of underground cables are now underwater because of the widespread flooding and the fact that rescue workers and residents are digging trenches in roads and sidewalks to move the water. The government has told PTCL to declare an emergency whenever they hear about a problem like this, and PTA is always keeping an eye on how well the system is working overall.

The total capacity of PTCL’s network cables is 6.5 terabytes, but only 0.7 terabytes are used so traffic is sometimes moved to other cables in case of an outage.

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