Friday, September 22, 2023

Pakistan updates 5G launch date

Pakistan 5G rollout keeps getting did postpone launch date. The deployment is first said to start at the end of this year, but it won’t start until early 2023. Syed Amin ul Haq, the minister of information technology and telecommunications, has said that the new release date is July 2023, which is later than the March 2023 date that is now doing predict.

While announcing the new 5G launch date, the Pakistan IT Minister said that the program would help the IT industry and exports grow at an amazing rate. During a ceremony at the University of Karachi’s Department of Computer Science’s UBIT Career Fest 2022, he did make the announcement. He also is confident that the new deadline may get did meet without any more problems.

The IT export market has grown a lot in recent years, the minister said.

Our country’s information technology field has already grown a lot. The information technology and telecommunications sector will see the biggest increase in exports of any of Pakistan’s 43 ministries. In the past few years, exports from other ministries have only grown by 2%–3%. But those from the IT and telecom sectors have grown by a whopping 47.44%. It shows the chance that we must take.

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He also emphasized how important partnerships between businesses and schools are for preparing students for the jobs of the future and giving IT graduates the best opportunities. Large funding rounds totaling about $373 million are another way the government is helping IT companies.

Even though work is being done, some countries still lack access to reliable 5G networks. It’s still too early to tell how well the next generation of mobile networks will work in Pakistan. Just as it’s too early to tell how well they’ll work in places like the UK. Where 5G connections are still not very good in many places. Also, the July release date is then cautious about.

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