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Pakistan Telecommunication AUTHORITY (PTA) chairman, TikTok management meeting with no results


TikTok management held a virtual meeting with the PTA today, according to a statement from the Pakistani regulator.

TikTok, in an effort to have a meaningful involvement with the PTA and in accordance with the Authority’s instructions on how to moderate illegal online content in accordance with the laws of Pakistan, held a detailed virtual meeting with the chairman of the PTA.

During the meeting, TikTok’s chief representative highlighted the efforts that have been made in addition to sharing the future strategy to improve content moderation in accordance with local law.

You may recall that after several warnings, the PTA banned TikTok not to moderate indecent and immoral content.

The PTA, in its statement following the TikTok ban, said it would appreciate the platform engaging in any kind of discussion to ensure that the content posted on the video-sharing app is compatible. local laws.

Just as the PTA insisted, and after ignoring the PTA’s warnings, TikTok has now sat down with the PTA to resolve the ban.

The PTA chairman in today’s meeting with TikTok High UPS acknowledged TikTok’s efforts, but called for tangible deadlines for the proposed actions.

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The two sides said they will continue their efforts to find a mutually acceptable mechanism to continue providing users in Pakistan with a safe internet experience.

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