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Pakistan Slams United States On Biased Religious Freedom Report


Pakistan’s Foreign Office (FO), on Wednesday, Slams United States On Biased Religious Freedom Report.

Pakistan’s Foreign Office (FO), on Wednesday, dismissed the US State Department’s subjective and specific appraisal that has set Pakistan among “nations of part­ic­ular concern” (CPC) under its International Religious Freedom Act.

The FO expressed,

“This is totally against the real factors on the ground and raises serious questions about the validity of the activity. Such emotional assignments don’t contribute towards advancing the cause of religious opportunity around the world”.

It additionally said that unfortunately the United States of America has ignored the “way that Pakistan and the US have been helpfully captivating regarding the matter at the two-sided level”.

The US Secre­t­a­ry of State, Michael Pompeo, declared that America recognizes Pakis­tan, China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Tajikistan, Turk­m­enistan, Nigeria, Nor­th Korea, Myanmar, and Eritrea as CPCs, and reprimands them for tolerating “precise, continuous, egregious infringement of religious opportunity”.

The FO commented,

“The glaring exclusion of India, where the RSS-BJP system and their chiefs straightforwardly ignore religious opportunity and oppress minority networks in a regulated way is shocking and puts the validity of the US report into question”.

It added,

“its a well known fact that assaults by dairy animals vigilantes and crowd lynchings of Indian Muslims occur consistently, with complete exemption for the culprits. Orderly belittling, dispossession, minimization and focused on brutality against Muslims using the shared slur of ‘adoration jihad’ in Hindutva-motivated India has gotten ordinary”.

The FO additionally called attention to that the US Department of State has totally overlooked the discoveries and recommendations of the US Commission on International Religious Freedom and US Congressional hearings on the evil treatment of minorities in India and the infringement of religious opportunity the whole way across the nation.

Moreover, Pakistan has passed on its position on the issue to the US.

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