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Top 5 Pakistan’s Richest Businessmen

Many speculate about Pakistan’s richest citizens. No report shows how much money America’s rich have. Their combined net worth is estimated to be in the billions of Pakistani rupees.

We searched online for the largest and most valuable Pakistani companies and found many. Pakistan’s five richest businessmen are listed.

  1. Mian Muhammad Mansha – Nishat Group

Emporium Mall is a new popular hangout location in Lahore, and Mian Muhammad Mansha is the man behind its creation. However, that is not the only trick up his sleeve; he also has something else planned.

In 1969, he started working for the Nishat Textile Mills Company, which belonged to his family. Eventually, he severed ties with his uncles and assumed full control of the company. Today, it is one of the largest fabric manufacturing factories in Pakistan and is a part of the Nishat Group, which also includes the lawn brand “Nishat Linen,” which is run by his wife.

The Nishat Group is part of the Nishat Group. Additionally, he owns MCB Bank. According to estimates, Mian Mansha has a net worth of 263.3 billion rupees.

  1. Sadruddin Hashwani – Hashoo Group

Sadruddin Hashawani, who is now 77 years old, is a business magnate and the founder and chairman of Hashoo Group. Hashoo Group is the owner of both the PC and Marriott Hotels. In 1960, he and his brother established the Hassan Ali Enterprise, which, in a little more than ten years, grew to become the most successful cotton trading company in all of Pakistan. After the company was nationalized, he ventured into the hospitality industry and opened Holiday Inn hotels in Islamabad and Karachi in the late 1970s and early 1980s. These establishments were established during the time period.

In the 1990s, these hotels got a new name and started being called Marriott Hotels. He was successful in acquiring the majority of shares in Pakistan Services Limited in the year 1985.

All of the previously-owned Inter-Continental Hotels have been renamed Pearl Continental Hotels, and the Hashoo Group is now in charge of all of them. It is believed that Mr. Hashwani has a net worth of 115 billion Indian rupees. It’s interesting to note that both he and his son were identified in the Panama Leaks from 2016.

  1. Nasir Schon – Schon Group

With an estimated net worth of Rs. 110 billion, Nasir Schon is the guy behind the famed Schon Group. The principal component of the Schon Group is Schon Properties, a real estate company that Nasir and his brother Tahir began in Dubai.

In addition, the Schon Group owns the Pakistan Super League cricket club Multan Sultan. Their agreement spanned eight years and was worth $41.6 million in total.

  1. Rafiq M. Habib – Indus Motors, House of Habib

The House of Habib has a rich history that dates back to a time far before the partition of India and Pakistan. It was set up as a corporation in 1921, and its main business was trading in different brass and metal tools.

Rafiq M. Habib, who has a net worth of Rs. 94 billion, is the person in charge of the company’s multiple subsidiaries today, all of which have been brought together and given the moniker “House of Habib.” Along with Toyota Tsusho and Toyota Motors, the group is also the owner of Toyota Indus, which has helped the company become well-known in the banking and finance industry. The HBL Bank and the Habib University are two of its best-known subsidiaries.

  1. Malik Riaz – Bahria Town

Malik Riaz may be one of the best-known businesspeople in all of Pakistan because of how well his Bahria Town real estate company has done. A big chunk of his 84 billion rupees in wealth comes from Bahria Town, the most successful privately owned real estate development business in Asia.

Riaz began his professional life in Rawalpindi, working as a clerk for a construction business, despite coming from an affluent family in Sialkot that had fallen on hard times. His family had lived in Sialkot. After becoming a contractor, Riaz went on to launch the Bahria Town project after the termination of one of his largest contracts, which was for the construction of a community for the Pakistani Navy.

Over 60,000 people are currently employed at Bahria Town, which has locations in Karachi, Lahore, and Rawalpindi, respectively.

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