Saturday, December 9, 2023

Pakistan Railways intends to contract out 34 trains

Pakistan Railway said it will outsource 34 passenger trains to the private sector for commercial administration with the goal of improving customer comfort.

With 17 passengers’ trains already available via an open tender, the government started the tendering procedure in this area. Because of the bidders’ lack of interest, only 11 of the seventeen were able to obtain individual offers. Meanwhile, a lot of companies have been attracted by six trains.

Pakistan’s 17 trains included a number of key trains (including Tezgam, Hazara, Millat and Karakoran), which were acquired by the Paquistan Railway Advisory and Consultancy Services Limited (PRACS) subsidiary of the Ministry of Railway. According to reports, PRACS presented the highest Karakoram Express bid with an average cost yearly of Rs1.84 billion.

Also, SSR & Company (Pvt. Ltd) provided Shah Hussain Express with an annual contribution of $1.26 billion, Rehman Baba with $1.26 billion, and Islamabad Express with $250 million each year.

In that regard, all Divisional personnel appointed to their seats sought full biographical information. It will be sent to the Ministry after the data are collected.

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