Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Pakistan Railway switching 155 railway station to solar energy

Pakistan Railways (PR) will switch its 155 railways stations to solar energy under government direction to use alternative energy resources that are environmentally friendly.

Pakistan Railway Public relations director Nazia Jabeen said that the total cost for the project would be Rs 450 million.

According to the PR administration, 81 of the stations will be transferred to the solar energy system with eight hours of backup, while another 22 will have the facility to operate the computer-based interlocking/signaling system. The other 22 will have a two-hour backup, while ramining 52 stations will have a solar power system without any backup.

Sindh province has been facing severe load shedding/load management, causing major disruption to the public relations team in handling operational matters. So once you have solar power systems, there would be no electricity-related problems.

Nazia Jabeen explained that the total production capacity of the project would be 2,308 kilowatts and 3.2 million units per year with 20 percent efficiency to be produced in one year. “The project’s lifetime will be 25 years and a total of 83 million units of electricity will be produced.”

After the installation of the project, the railways would save Rs52 million annually, expenses on fuel and maintenance of diesel generators. The official said the PR would save Rs70.6 million per year due to the tariff difference between the cost of solar energy and WAPDA.

Moreover, She said that the LED lights along with the solar energy system would be installed, which would also save Rs28.92 million per year.

The backup period for the project was four to five years and during this period it would complete its cost and after that, the project would save millions of rupees for railways, she concluded.

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