Saturday, September 23, 2023

Pakistan plastic industry is growing by 15% per year: Shibli Faraz

Senator Shibli Faraz, the Federal Minister for Science and Technology, said on Saturday that Pakistan’s plastic industry has been growing at a rate of 15% per year for the past few years.

After inaugurating the Project of Upgradation of Polymer and Plastic Laboratory here at PCSIR, he said the project was directly related to the sector’s objectives, particularly in terms of the Pakistan Vision 2025 outlined by the Planning Commission of Pakistan, which included infrastructure upgrades as well as R&D facilities in Polymer and Plastics Technology.

Furthermore, he continued, this would place the Polymer and Plastics Laboratory in a better position to support the private sector in terms of various scientific services that are required to maintain and enhance its productivity in the field of polymer science.

The initiative, according to the Federal Minister, will improve available facilities at PCSIR Lahore’s Polymers and Plastics Laboratory. It would also provide advisory and information services for the purpose of improving the quality of polymer-based goods, as well as testing and evaluation facilities for Pakistan’s polymer and plastics industry.

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Senator Shibli Faraz commended the administration and Chairman PCSIR on their achievements and encouraged them to keep pushing for more.

The Technology Transfer and Capacity Building Centre and the Technology Innovation Support Centre were both opened by the Federal Minister for Science and Technology. Through collaboration with industry and non-industry partners, the center intended to improve the impact of research.

In addition, the Federal Minister paid a visit to Precision Green-House, which specializes in ginger cultivation. Pakistan is not a ginger-growing country, which resulted in roughly 79 thousand tonnes of ginger imports in 2017.

“By constructing a Precision Hydroponic Greenhouse, the Ministry of Science and Technology has taken a step toward ginger farming. This would allow Pakistan to become self-sufficient in ginger production and will aid in technology transfer to farmers and indigenous producers,” said Faraz.

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