Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Pakistan leads the supply of low-priced petroleum products among regional countries

Despite financial constraints and a substantial increase in the price of petroleum products on the international market, Pakistan leads the supply of low-priced petroleum products among regional countries.

Pakistan ranks first in providing low-priced petroleum products for the well-being of its masses among regional countries, and also 18th in a list of 167 countries in the world, according to an official document.

Current oil rates in Pakistan are lower compared to regional countries, including Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, and India, where the price per liter of gasoline ranges from $ 0.83 to $ 1.26, while the commodity in Pakistan is available at $ 0.70 per liter.

According to a comparative statement, the price of a liter of gasoline in Pakistan is $ 0.70, while in Sri Lanka $ 0.83, Nepal $ 0.95, Bangladesh $ 1.05, India $ 1.26, China $ 1, 03, UK $ 1.70, and Germany $ 1.64.

Meanwhile, a senior official familiar with developments in the oil sector told that oil rates in India revised daily, conveying a one-minute change in global oil prices to the public and resellers.

On the contrary, he said, oil prices in Pakistan were revised every two weeks with the government’s greatest efforts to bear the brunt of the upward variation in the international market on its own, but sometimes a small part had to be passed on to the masses extremely convincing situation.

This also reflected in the last two weeks when Prime Minister Imran Khan rejected the Oil and Gas Regulating Authority (OGRA) summary of rising oil prices, saying people should be relieved.

OGRA Proposed Rate for Petroleum Products:

However, OGRA has proposed an increase of Rs 6.22 in the price of Motor Spirit Gasolina, Rs 6.82 in the price of high-speed diesel, Rs 6.37 of increases in the price of kerosene oil, and Rs 5.78 of an increase in oil light diesel.

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