Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Pakistan no longer has tumultuous economic growth: PM Imran Khan

Pakistan’s economic turnaround has lifted the curtain on bad days and ushered in time for economic growth, wealth accumulation and youth jobs, said Prime Minister Imran Khan.

“I think we had the worst of times. God willing, Pakistan’s growth in the coming days will not be volatile with ups and downs cycle. Pakistan will start its journey since becoming the fourth largest economy in Asia after Japan, China and India in 1968,” he said in a speech at an excavation ceremony on Lodran Multan Street, Friday.

The 62-kilometer section of the northern border of the N-5 will link the three districts of Multan, Lodran and Bahawalpur. The project will be completed in two years and will cost around Rs 6.8 billion.

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The Prime Minister had previously unveiled a placard to start working on the two-lane road.

He said that within days of the PTI takeover, the opposition and the media began to question his vision of Naya Pakistan and also raised ideas about the government’s failure.

He said the government has also been criticized by the opposition for being ready to overthrow the government unless its leaders get NGOs.

“My people are having a hard time. The media also gives the impression that Naya Pakistan can appear at the push of a button,” he said.

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