Sunday, March 26, 2023

Pakistan National ICT Development White Paper Launched by IT Ministry

This is according to Federal Minister for ITT Syed Amin Ul Haque on Tuesday at the launch of the “Pakistan National ICT Development White Paper.”

The Ministry of Information Technology and Telecom is currently working on a “National Data Governance Policy” that will explain many aspects of data governance. This will help keep data in good shape and also make sure it is of good quality.

The Minister also said that there are plans for AI and BlockChain right now. He said that an international IT consulting firm is looking at the Ministry of IT’s plans and projects.

He said that the “Personal Data Protection Bill,” can protect people’s right to privacy and safety online. Almost ready to start passing.

Haque also said that permission already does ask for the “National Cyber Security Policy 2021”. Deal with the bad use of information and communication technologies in cyberspace that affects Pakistan’s economy and also national security. He said that all public and private organizations use the policy to protect the cyber ecosystem. The national information systems and infrastructure, and all national ICT infrastructures.

The Minister of Information and Broadcasting said that the “Pakistan National ICT Development White Paper” is meant to fill in knowledge gaps. Get ideas for the needs of the new digital age. He said that the goal of the government is to give people ICT services that are “easy to use, cheap. Reliable, available to everyone, and of high quality” in order to improve people’s quality of life and economic health.

In a speech about the Ministry of ITT’s work, he said that in the past two years. The Ministry has proposed a number of legislative and regulatory measures to speed up its Digital Pakistan agenda and boost Pakistan’s ICT industry. With “The Cloud First Policy,” the government of Pakistan is now able to serve the public more quickly and openly. He said that if the Cloud First Policy is first put into place. It would make it easier to create a single system for managing public sector data.

He also said that the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology is working on the Digital Pakistan Policy 2022. The National Broadband Policy 2021, and the National Freelancing Facilitation Policy.

The Minister also said that a rolling three-year Spectrum Strategy is always in place to make policies, investments, and the design of networks pertaining to spectrum management more open and clear. The Federal Minister for IT says that the Right of Way (ROW) Policy for the telecom sector makes it easier for Telcos and ISPs to install, maintain, and expand their communications equipment and systems across the country.

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He also said that the government of Pakistan is working on the first mobile device manufacturing policy. The first 3G/4G spectrum auction in Azad Jammu and Kashmir. The renewal of telecom operators’ licenses in Pakistan and Azad Jammu and Kashmir in 2021.

Haque says that the Center for Applied Information and Communication Technology’s (CAICT) offer to make a national ICT whitepaper is first gladly accepted. He also said that the Ministry of Information and Technology would continue to help the digital ecosystem of Pakistan grow.

Mohsin Mushtaq, who is the Additional Secretary (Incharge) for the Ministry of ITT. Aisha Humera Moriani, who is also an Additional Secretary. Syed Junaid Imam, who is a Member of IT, and other high-ranking ministry officials and heads of departments that work with the Ministry of ITT are on.

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