Saturday, December 2, 2023

Pakistan maintains its contribution to UN Peacekeeping

Pakistan maintains UN peacekeeping till the date from its first mission in 1960.

UNITED NATIONS: Pakistan is one of the oldest nation and the largest contributor to United Nations peacekeeping and also participates in ongoing missions to the Central African Republic, said the UN statement.

The first UN peacekeeping mission of Pakistan began in 1960 in Congo. To date, more than 200,000 Pakistani troops have participated in 60 missions in 28 countries.

On Tuesday evening, the UN mission to the Central African Republic, also known as MINUSCA, released photos of a Pakistani battalion in the Kaga-Banoro region destroying ammunition, missiles and other ammunition.

The weapons returned by former combatants as part of a UN-initiated process.

In Pakistan, more than 7,000 soldiers are still stationed in nine countries as part of 14 ongoing UN missions. During its long-term relationship with UN peacekeeping missions, Pakistan lost 157 soldiers and 24 officers in their quest to restore peace and stability in some of the world’s most turbulent regions.

Pakistan maintains UN peacekeeping as women have also left their mark on US peacekeeping missions. Pakistan has achieved UN goals by sending 15 percent of its female staff to these missions. There are now nearly 450 Pakistani women working in various countries of the world.

During a visit to Pakistan last year, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres praised the contribution of Pakistani women to peacekeeping. “Pakistan is a leader in championing women peacekeepers and a role model for other soldiers,” he said.

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