Friday, December 1, 2023

Pakistan made 14 million phones in Jan-Jul 2022

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority says that local factories made 14.94 million mobile phones in the first seven months of 2022, while only 1.16 million are therefore commercially imported (PTA).

Local factories in Pakistan produce 0.86 million phones in July 2022. This number went up by 88%, from 13.05 million in 2020 to 24.66 million in 2021.

According to data from the PTA, commercial imports of mobile phones will drop from 24.51 million in 2020 to 10.26 million in 2021.

14.94 million mobile phones became made or placed together locally in Pakistan. Of those, 8.6 million became 2G phones and 6.33 million were smartphones. The Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) says that 54% of mobile phones in the country are smartphones. 46% can only connect to the network through 2G.

Pakistan’s Bureau of Statistics says that the country imported $38.804 million worth of mobile phones in July 2022. This is up 20.43 percent from the previous month’s total of $32.221 million. Even though the number of phones made in the country went up, this became the case (PBS). In July 2021, imports became worth $119.237 million. In July 2022, they became worth $67.46 million less, or 6.8% less than the previous year.

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Pakistan has created a good environment for making mobile devices thanks to the Device Identification Registration and Blocking System (DIRBS). Other supportive government regulations, such as the mobile manufacturing policy.

It also has a big effect on Pakistan’s mobile ecosystem by getting rid of the market for fake devices and leveling the playing field for businesses. As a result, shoppers are feeling more secure as there are now legitimate channels for importing any type of reputable equipment.

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