Friday, December 1, 2023

Pakistan intends to launch 5G in 3 cities by 2023

A ministry document says that the Ministry of Information and Telecommunications (MOITT) has said that Pakistan will launch 5G by 2023. On the launch tour around the country, the first stops are in Islamabad, Karachi, and Lahore.

The government thinks that by 2025, only 4% of Pakistan’s people will get access to 5G technology, while 65% will use 4G. I don’t want to crush your hopes just yet, though.

The Global System for Mobile Communications says that as of the end of 2022, over half of the people in Pakistan will utilize 4G. This is what the report says (GSMA). All of these predictions came true, but the rest of the world is still three years ahead of us. But we think that this will change in the years to come.

Pakistan will start to use 5G in 2023, but in the years after that, only a small number of new subscriptions will be 5G.

Pakistan is getting more people to use mobile internet. But it still has a long way to go before it can keep up with other countries. Mobile broadband has grown into a big business. In March, it had 123 million customers and a penetration rate of 51%. Every year, more and more people who have mobile phones also use mobile broadband.

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GSMA says that by the end of 2019, half of all mobile connections in the world would be 4G connections. More than 90% of people in LMICs were using a 3G network. 82% of people in LMICs had access to a 4G network. It took these countries about 7 years to get 80% 4G coverage and 10 years to get 90% 3G coverage.

There are signs that even developing countries are moving faster to use 5G networks. Since this is the case, it seems likely that 5G technology will launch in Pakistan faster than 4G.

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