Monday, May 29, 2023

Pakistan has built Asia’s largest children’s eye hospital

Rawalpindi’s largest child eye hospital has opened its doors to patients with the ability to serve 150,000 children each year, for Rs. 1 billion, Al-Shifa Children’s Eye Hospital has been established.

The project was developed to facilitate and improve efficiency for patients and their families, as well as the quality of health treatment. It was finished on time with an investment of one billion dollars. According to Brig. Rizwan Asgar, Executive Director Al-Shifa Trust, it can treat 500 OPD patients each day.

He informed the reporters that physicians could do fifty difficult operations in one day besides attending 500 OPD patients. Rizwan Asgar claimed this is the biggest hospital in Asia, in terms of capacity. It was completed under the supervision of Major General Rehmat Khan, head of the trust.

He said that people who are unable to afford to fly to the US or the UK should not hesitate to go to hospital because 80 percent of patients are free of charge. Those who can afford to visit the United States or the UK should not, he continued, because at that hospital they would receive equal benefits

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