Thursday, February 22, 2024

Pakistan floods damage 686 USF sites

The document sent to LahoreHerald says that the storm caused damage to 686 Universal Service Fund (USF) sites. In all four provinces, the flooding did a lot of damage to the Universal Service Fund (USF) infrastructure. These sites are in charge of sending voice calls and fast mobile internet to USF target locations.

The article says that as of August 30, the rain and also flooding had affected 686 USF sites. The USF and the teams of its service providers worked nonstop for two weeks to fix 609 of these sites.

The floods damaged more than 320 places in the USF network. But the damage became most severe in the Balochistan region. At least 203 USF sites in Sindh province, 212 in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, and 40 in Punjab province, therefore, do damage.

The paper says that as of today, 156 damaged sites in the province of Sindh and 207 damaged sites in the province of Balochistan are sometimes doing a fix. Thanks to the work of USF and service providers, 207 sites in KP and 39 sites in Punjab are also did fix since the earthquake.

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The USF says that repairs sometimes did makeup 89 percent of the sites. As the flood water goes down and access problems are fixed. The United States Federal Emergency Management Agency (USF). Its Service Providers will speed up their work on the remaining 77 damaged places.

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