Sunday, October 1, 2023

Pakistan Finally Gets New Improved WhatsApp Windows App

Finally, about a month ago, WhatsApp released a completely new Windows App for Microsoft Windows computers. The first release did work with Windows 11, but the version for Windows 10 is slowly making its way to Pakistan. At first, only people who have Windows 11 could use it. It does sell directly to customers by Microsoft.

If you are already using desktop software installed on Windows, it should automatically update to the most recent version. Whatever is done promise in the most recent update to the app is always entirely extra, with a completely rethought user interface and a noticeable speed boost overall.

The new version is a lot faster than the old one. It also has a new look to match Windows 11. The app did start out with free software, but since its first release, a new sidebar already does add to help users in places like Pakistan, where the app came out after the rest of the world.

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After I put Windows 11 on my computer. On the other hand, we’ve done add a sidebar recently. It shows off the updated configuration options and the app’s Dark Mode. Also, you can reply to messages right from the screen that shows you notifications.

You probably already know that the Microsoft Store finally has the latest version of the WhatsApp Windows App. Those who already had the app should have it automatically updated to the latest version.

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