Friday, December 1, 2023

Pakistan going to export rice to China

Given the excess after meeting annual domestic demand of 2.5 million tonnes, Pakistan is prepared to sell 3.75 million tonnes of rice to China, according to SM Naveed, who is chairman of the “Pakistan-China Joint Chamber of Commerce and Industry” (PCJCCI).

Naveed said in a statement on Tuesday that China has emerged as one of the destinations for Pakistani rice export, as evidenced by a 244 percent rise in paddy exports to the neighbor over the previous two years.

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He also stated that the PCJCCI has begun a plan to increase exports to China within a year. “The ambition of exporting about 10 million tonnes of Irri-6 rice to China might become a reality if continuous efforts to market Pakistani rice are continued, with a focus on the needs of the Chinese population,” said the PCJCCI chief.

In the same statement, PCJCCI Senior Vice President Daud Ahmed stated that new hybrid rice varieties were being created in Pakistan to provide optimum yield while requiring the least amount of input during times of water shortage.

“The Rice Research Institute has developed new techniques to cultivate rice through the ‘broadcasting system’ rather than manual sapling plantation,” he revealed, adding that if farmers were successful in cultivating 80,000 plants in a field, they would get more production while saving up to Rs14,000 per acre in input costs.

“This approach is not only less expensive, but it also saves 30-35 percent of irrigation water,” Ahmed emphasized.

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