Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Pakistan Earns $1,908 Million from Export of IT Services in 11 Months

During the first eleven months of the fiscal year 2020-21, Pakistan earned the US $1908.125 million by offering various information technology (IT) services in other nations.

According to the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS), this is a 47.13 percent increase over the US $1296.930 million earned from service provision during the comparable time of the fiscal year 2019-20, according to the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS).

Computer services increased by 49.91 percent during the study period, rising from the US $996.880 million in the previous fiscal year to the US $1494.405 million in July-May (2020-21).

Exports of software consultancy services increased by 32.18 percent, from US $377.134 million to the US $498.500 million, while exports and imports of computer software-related services increased by 29.24 percent, from the US $286.088 million to the US $369.648 million.

Hardware consultancy services fell by 72.49 percent from $1.919 million to $0.528 million, while repair and maintenance services decreased by 65.52 percent from $1.456 million to $0.502 million.

Furthermore, exports of other computer services increased by 89.29%, from US$ 330.283 million to US$ 625.127 million.

Meanwhile, the export of information services grew by 54.91 percent during the period under review, rising from US $ 2.240 million to the US $3.470 million.

Exports of news agency services grew 54.86 percent, from the US $ 1.214 million to the US $ 1.880 million, while exports of other information services increased 54.97 percent, from the US $ 1.026 million to the US $ 1.590 million.

According to the statistics, the export of telecommunication services increased by 37.76 percent, rising from the US $297.810 million to 410.250 million during the fiscal year under review.

Among telecommunication services, the export of call center services increased by 23.82 percent during the period, rising from US $ 109.720 million to the US $135.851 million, while the export of other telecommunication services increased by 45.89 percent, rising from US $188.090 million to the US $274.399 million, according to PBS data.

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