Monday, April 15, 2024

Pakistan donates 300 tonnes of food to Afghans

On Sunday, the Pakistani government delivered 17 trucks filled with 300 tonnes of foodstuffs to Afghanistan on a humanitarian basis, according to reports.

Speaking to the media at the Pak-Afghan border crossing point in Torkham, Habibullah Khan Khattak, Chairman of the Pak-Afghan Cooperation Forum (PACF), said, “Afghans are our Muslim brothers and neighbors, and we have had centuries-old contacts with them.”

He said that the country’s economy, agriculture, and administrative infrastructure had been destroyed by the country’s 40-year-long war, and that the abrupt pullout of international aid agencies had put the entire people at risk.

According to Habibullah, the drought that occurred last year exacerbated the plight of Afghans, who were already suffering from a humanitarian crisis. It is possible that the situation would deteriorate into a humanitarian disaster if immediate and decisive action is not taken, he continued.

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