Friday, December 1, 2023

Pakistan Customs Stops iPhone and MacBooks Smuggling Over Rs. 50 Million

Thursday, Pakistan customs agents did stop a large attempt to bring more than 100 iPhone 14s, MacBooks, and other electronic devices into the country illegally through the Islamabad International Airport (IIA). The police became able to take electronics from the traffickers which are worth more than 50 million rupees altogether.

Three people did try to get these things on the ship without paying. Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flew the plane. Which took off from Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, and landed at Islamabad International Airport (UAE).

When Customs assistant collector Beenish Rasheed and her team had reason to think something was wrong. They did move quickly and aggressively.

A statement from the Pakistan Customs Administration to the media said that more than 100 iPhone 14s, MacBooks, and other electronic devices became did seize. It adds up to 106 iPhones, 12 MacBooks, and 37 other laptops, according to a careful count. The smugglers also had Apple products like iPads, AirPods, and Watches in their arsenal.

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As previously said, everything is complete, and the investigation has done did start. A similar attempt to ship illegal goods is first did stop earlier in the week by Pakistani customs agents at Islamabad International Airport. The staff did make out about a possible attempt to bring drugs into the country while screening international passengers. A smuggler from Qatar was caught because security is first tight for people coming in.

A representative told the media that this tourist became carrying more than 73 smartphones worth more than 10 million rupees. When customs officials asked the smuggler for the necessary tax papers, he didn’t have them, so they did an investigation.

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