Monday, April 15, 2024

Pakistan creating mechanism to support humans of Afghanistan: OIC Meeting in Islamabad

In the OIC meeting, Pakistan came up with a six-step plan on Sunday to help Afghanistan deal with its humanitarian crisis and food security problems and to support Pak Afghan relations, as well as help, build the country’s ability to fight terrorism.

A meeting of the Organization for Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Council of Foreign Ministers called an “extraordinary meeting” started today with Shah Mahmood Qureshi’s speech, which was the first one (Sunday).

In his speech, the FM, who was also the chair of the meeting, said that he wanted to set up a group of OIC countries that could help Afghanistan for a long time with humanitarian and financial aid.

There should be more investment in the education and skills training of the Afghan people, either through bilateral or OIC talks.

He said he wanted to set up a group of experts from the OIC and the UN to figure out how to get the legitimate banking service back up and running in the country that has been in war.

PM Imran Khan Speech at OIC Meeting:

In order for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to be the OIC Summit Chair, the meeting has been called. 20 foreign ministers, 10 deputy foreign ministers, and 70 delegates will attend the meeting. PM Imran Khan is going to give the main speech at a special meeting today at Parliament House (Sunday).

He thanked Saudi Arabia for being the chair of the OIC and for trusting Pakistan to host the extraordinary meeting.

Before that, he thanked everyone else who came to the meeting, and he also thanked the Secretary-General of OIC, who made it happen quickly.

He said that the meeting of OIC leaders at short notice also reaffirmed their commitment to helping Afghanistan’s people.

At this point, the foreign minister said it was important to stay alive. He said more than half of the Afghan population didn’t have enough food, which made the population in two-thirds of the UN member states.

He said that in 1980, Pakistan hosted an OIC meeting in Afghanistan. After 41 years, Pakistan had to host another meeting on the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan because the Afghan people’s pain had not gone away, so Pakistan had to do it again.

World Food Program: Qureshi said that “Afghanistan could have the biggest humanitarian crisis in the world”. The United Nations also said that the same thing could happen.

His words: It is now or never. The Afghan people should be helped without any conditions at all.

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