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Pakistan can’t afford an unsteady Afghanistan says Dr Moeed Yusuf

Dr Moeed Yusuf, the Prime Minister’s Advisor on National Security, stated on Wednesday that Pakistan cannot afford an unstable and burning Afghanistan, and that the country has no choice but to remain involved in the conflict.

On the invitation of the English Speaking Union in Karachi, the security advisor spoke on the topic of “Pakistan’s Future Direction.” He explained that “the case of national security is now the case of economic security and human welfare, and the government was pursuing economic security which would ultimately contribute to national security and people’s welfare.” He stated that the ultimate purpose of national security was to give the people the greatest amount of power possible.

The Prime Minister, Dr. Moeed, stated that Prime Minister Imran Khan had provided a new vision for the country called “Riasat Madina,” in which the average citizen felt secure and one’s welfare was ensured. He claimed that Pakistan’s national strategy had turned away from geo-strategic policy and toward geo-economic policy.

“Right now, we’re developing a comprehensive national security strategy that is centred on economic security,” he stated.

Regarding Afghanistan’s predicament, the advisor stated that the international community should remain engaged until a viable political solution was found that ensured the representation of the entire Afghan people and the protection of human rights, particularly for women.

He stated that a stable Afghanistan was essential for the entire region, if not the entire world, and that if this did not occur, a period of instability may be predicted, with the world suffering as a result. “We can’t afford an unstable and smouldering Afghanistan,” says the president. According to him, Pakistan has no choice but to remain engaged in the conflict with Afghanistan, which has a 2600-kilometer border with Pakistan, and from which there could be mass exodus. He hoped that the world would not make the same error it made with Afghanistan following the September 11th attacks.

He went on to say that Pakistan was making every effort to remain engaged and to enlist the support of other countries in the fight to establish a peaceful and stable Afghanistan. He went on to say that a peaceful and stable Afghanistan would aid Pakistan in its efforts to build connectivity with Central Asia and other adjacent countries.

He pointed out that the importance of Gwadar Port, as well as the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, would expand as a result of the improved regional connectivity, as well. He stated that the second main task facing the administration was to foster genuine engagement with the rest of the world in commerce, investment, and the social sector, and that the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) would contribute in the establishment of connection eastwards. However, he expressed sadness that India’s hostile attitude and animosity had impeded the process.

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