Saturday, December 2, 2023

Ignoring Pakistan in Afghan strategy can be disastrous: Lindsey Graham

US Senator Lindsey Graham expressed shock at President Joe Biden’s decision not to include Islamabad in strategy of US troops withdrawal from Afghanistan. He also warning that ignoring Pakistan can be disastrous.

Lindsey Graham questioned how the US withdrawal from Afghanistan in no coordination with Pakistan can be effective? It is shocking to hear that President Biden has not contacted Pakistani Prime Minister regarding US-Pakistan-Afghan relations.

On Friday, Biden will meet with Ghani and Abdullah, which are leading a government team to negotiate with the Taliban to discuss withdrawal. Senior Republican Senator from South Carolina criticized the Biden administration for believing in the Afghan issue.

I believe that the decision by the administration to withdraw all troops and not remain tied to Pakistan was catastrophic. It can be even worse than the error in Iraq.

US State Department called for an end to violence in Afghanistan and blamed the Taliban for much of the bloodshed there. “We urge countries to start serious negotiations setting out a political roadmap for Afghanistan’s future.

Biden’s Afghan strategy and deal with Talibans

Biden said in April the United States will leave Afghanistan on September 11 on 20th anniversary of the terrorist attacks in New York and Washington. US agreed to withdraw its troops in exchange for the Taliban’s pledge to denounce the terrorist group. They also hold talks with the Afghan government to restore peace in the war-torn country. Read More…

At the United Nations, Afghanistan’s Foreign Minister accused the Taliban of the worst violence in two decades. All the major trends i.e. politics, security, peace, economy, humanitarian situation and Covid are all negative or stagnant. He called on the international community to persuade the group to support the February 2020 US Agreement to Reduce Violence.

The head of the UN aid operation in Afghanistan expressed deep concerns about the military advantage of the Taliban insurgents. The Taliban has been waging a major offensive against government forces in some provinces. They also claiming to have captured at least 87 of the country’s 421 districts.

In the latest incident, the Taliban seized Afghanistan’s main border with Tajikistan. Security forces abandoned their posts about 50km from the city of Kunduz and some fled across the border. Taliban spokesman Zabihula Mujahid confirmed that they had captured a post on border on the Pyanj River.

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