Saturday, September 23, 2023

Pakistan Auto Show Postponed

The Pakistan Automobile Parts and Accessories Association has postponed the Pakistan Motor Show in 2021 following the COVID-19 outbreak. This event was originally for 2-5 Scheduled for July 2021 at Karachi Expo Center.

The new date for the exhibition is for 12-14. November 2021. It is estimated that this upcoming event will be held on a certain date at the Karachi Exhibition Center where the postponed event is planned.

Like other events in the country, the Karachi Motor Show is a great opportunity for visitors to see lots of new vehicles in one place, often without having to deal with sales staff.

According to our sources, most of the leading manufacturers of passenger cars, commercial vehicles and 2-3 wheels have booked their places for this exhibition, while many leading parts and accessories companies have already booked places to showcase their products.

Many Chinese companies have shown interest and made reservations. Organizers plan to reserve the full hall of the Expo Center for foreign exhibitors. Last year, Chinese and foreign exhibitors were unable to attend the Pakistan Motor Show in Lahore due to the pandemic.

At the Karachi Exhibition Center, the local government set up a COVID-19 vaccination center last month, and due to the ongoing vaccination process, it will take longer to evacuate the center and make room for the current exhibition.

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