Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Pakistan and Saudi Arabia can lead the world, says President Dr. Arif Alvi

On Thursday, President Dr. Arif Alvi praised Pakistan and Saudi Arabia for their attitude to international challenges and stated that their leadership was capable of leading the globe through the implementation of their vision.

According to the president, who spoke at a conference on “Pak-Saudi Relations: Past, Present, and Future” conducted in this city, the people of Pakistan are loyal to the protection of Saudi Arabia’s sacred territory because they share a religious affinity with the country.

The president noted that the first treaty of friendship between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia was signed in 1951 and that the two countries have a long history of affinity with one another. Pakistan’s allied countries stayed behind it even after India carried out an atomic explosion, he claimed, helping it develop its deterrent capabilities and achieve deterrence. The treatment of Pakistani workers in Saudi Arabia, who, in addition to providing remittances to Pakistan, also contributed to the growth of the country, was particularly praised by the president.

He believes that no occurrence in history will be able to harm the Pakistan-Saudi relationship because both nations have demonstrated their excellent friendship even at international forums, according to him. During his speech, President Alvi stated that the entire Muslim world looks to Saudi Arabia for direction on international matters. Mr. Obama asserted that, at a time when economic and other vested interests dominate international affairs, the world requires leadership that bases its actions on principles of morality. He went on to say that Pakistan and Saudi Arabia might fill the void.

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