Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Pakistan aims to ace the IMF’s seventh inspection

This is because the government has addressed the IMF’s concerns about the Prime Minister’s relief plan in detail, according to the Finance Minister.

When asked about the IMF mission’s reservations about the PM’s Relief Package on fuel, diesel, and power prices, Tarin stated, “We discussed them correctly in detail.”

“The IMF team will return on Friday (tomorrow) with final assessment for virtual talks.”

Since there was no disagreement on macroeconomic numbers through December 2021, the minister said the IMF’s 7th review was “nearly done.”

PIT exemptions and rates were not discussed due to the fact that taxes changes would be taken for the next budget 2022-23, according to the minister.

Officials said that it would be difficult to get a staff level agreement with the IMF while the political dust was still settling.

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As a result of the continuing staff-level review talks, they say a decision on the next loan tranche is likely to be made later this month.

The amnesty is more of an industrial package, including five-year tax exemptions on projects with investment by Pakistani expatriates in Pakistan.

Pakistan must persuade the IMF that it has not breached its pledge to raise the gasoline price by Rs4/month till it reaches

The extraordinary surge in global oil costs has made this untenable, and the IMF is hoped to be lenient.

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