The world’s largest furniture retailer is about to enter the Pakistani market

It was reported that the world famous furniture company IKEA will enter the Pakistani market in the next few months. IKEA is a multinational conglomerate known for its unique designs and ready-to-assemble furniture. This is likely to bring a wide range of low-cost products to the commercially isolated Pakistani market.

Video sharing app TikTok is developing its own electronic payment service

ByteDance's social media giant, TikTok, filed a new brand called TikTok Payments, which indicates that the company is working on an electronic payment service. The international classification of this brand comprises 36 different categories for financial real estate management and is currently awaiting approval.

Pakistan will acquire 50 Wing Loong II armed from China

Pakistan will acquire 50 Wing Loong II armed unmanned aerial drones from China, further strengthening its defensive capabilities.

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