Monday, May 29, 2023

Oracle’s new AI driven digital marketing platform

According to the database specialist, automation is the way to go for successful lead creation in the future. Artificial intelligence (AI) will be use to help firms automate their digital marketing operations more successfully. According to a report Oracle developed a new Oracle’s AI driven digital marketing platform.

The technology has designed by experts at the database software specialist in an attempt to take a larger share of the cloud-based software market away from competitors such as Adobe and Salesforce, according to the company.

Following the development of the new Oracle Fusion Marketing System. It is possible to improve the performance of high-cost marketing business-to-business products.

In addition to automating procedures such as the creation of marketing campaigns, the software will scrutinize data. Just in order to assess how likely individuals are to interact with emails and advertising using artificial intelligence. The information obtained can be used to estimate how many people might be interested in purchasing a product. Sales teams will be able to access the data sources. And the system will also be able to provide more accurate contact information to the appropriate departments as needed.

Online Selling

One of the most important components of the Fusion Marketing System’s operating equation is the data, which has gathered from a variety of sources. This includes email contact lists, as well as Oracle customers. Customers who are actively using the system to communicate with one another. Oracle has also amassed a massive amount of third-party data. As a result of the development of its digital advertising company on top of its extensive experience working with databases.

Particularly since the outbreak of the worldwide epidemic, digital sales have been expanding significantly. 64 percent of B2B companies have stated that they want to increase the number of hybrid sellers in the next six months. According to McKinsey, lead sales employees are interacting with clients using a variety of mediums. It includes video, phone, apps, and the occasional in-person visit as demand grows.

According to ZoomInfo, firms who fail to capitalize on lead generation prospects can face serious consequences. In an article for Direct Selling News, over 85% of B2B marketers put lead generation at the top of their content marketing to-do list.

For marketers, however, only 5 to 10 percent of qualifying leads result in a successful conversion. Specifically, according to the ZoomInfo data, just 56 percent of B2B organizations validate business leads before sending them on to the sales staff.

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