Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Oppo overtakes Huawei as Top-Selling Smartphone Market in China for the first time

According to the Counterpoint Report, Oppo overtakes Huawei as the most selling smartphone brand in China for the first time. According to the Counterpoint report; Oppo has gained 26% of the world’s largest smartphone market in January. After that Vivo and Huawei have gained 20% of the total smartphone market.

Apple and Xiaomi occupy the first five places with 16 percent.

Oppo’s sales increased 26% year over year and 33% month over month. According to Counterpoint, the new Reno 5 series started off with success.

As it offered better specs at a lower price than the previous Reno 4. We should know that Oppo overtakes Huawei first time as most selling smartphones company in China.

But for Oppo to gain market share, someone has to lose it, and the report shows that the problems with Huawei smartphones persist in China.

According to Counterpoint, Huawei has increased its focus on the premium market due to component shortages caused by US sanctions.

Therefore, Chinese distributors focused on other volume brands. Huawei’s Honor sales, which also triggered by sanctions, will further reduce its market share, with Honor now seen as a competitor rather than an asset.

This figure is only valid for a month, but Counterpoint predicts Huawei’s market share will continue to decline in 2021.

Oppo will take the opportunity by launching its newest flagship phone, the Find X3 Pro, which was fully announced on Thursday. If you want an earlier look, the company has just released a teaser that doesn’t leave much to the imagination.

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