Friday, December 1, 2023

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman Clears Up Misconceptions Surrounding GPT-4: A Closer Look at Release Date and Capabilities

The anticipation for the release of OpenAI’s GPT-4, the latest in the GPT-series and the foundation of AI chatbot ChatGPT, has been building.

However, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman has addressed the rumors and hype surrounding the yet-to-be-released language model, stating “people are begging to be disappointed and they will be.”

GPT-4 Release Date

When asked about the release date of GPT-4 during an interview with StrictlyVC, Altman offered no certain timeframe and stated that “It’ll come out at some point, when we are confident we can do it safely and responsibly.” GPT-3 was released in 2020, and an improved version, GPT 3.5, was used to create ChatGPT.

Hype Surrounding GPT-4

The launch of GPT-4 is much anticipated, with many in the AI community and Silicon Valley world already declaring it to be a huge leap forward.

However, Altman has warned against the hype and said “The GPT-4 rumor mill is a ridiculous thing. I don’t know where it all comes from.” He also addressed a viral (and factually incorrect) chart that purported to compare the number of parameters in GPT-3 (175 billion) to GPT-4 (100 trillion) and called it “complete bullshit.”

Other Topics Discussed

In the interview, Altman also discussed a number of other topics, including when OpenAI will build an AI model capable of generating video. He stated “It will come. I wouldn’t want to make a confident prediction about when.” The CEO also addressed the company’s current revenue, stating “Not much. We’re very early.”

He also discussed the need for AI with different viewpoints, stating “The world can say, ‘Okay here are the rules, here are the very broad absolute rules of a system.’ But within that, people should be allowed very different things that they want their AI to do.”

Altman also addressed the issue of AI bias and the concerns of AI plagiarism and stated “We’re going to try and do some things in the short term. There may be ways we can help teachers be a little bit more likely to detect output of a GPT-like system.”

Overall, while the release date and capabilities of GPT-4 are still uncertain, Altman has urged caution against the hype and rumors surrounding the language model. OpenAI will continue to work on developing the technology safely and responsibly.

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