Monday, December 11, 2023

On a trip to India and Bangladesh, the US climate envoy skips Pakistan

US Climate Commissioner John Kerry will hold talks with the leaders of India, Emirates, and Bangladesh during his Asia tour starting Thursday to help narrow the gap in climate change goals and slow global warming.

It should be noted that Kerry does not plan to hold talks with the leadership of Pakistan, which is one of the world’s most vulnerable countries to climate change.

The developments come after the announcement of a climate summit hosted by US President Joe Biden later this month (April 22-23), in which he invited 40 world leaders, including representatives from India, China, and Bangladesh, but not Pakistan.

Pakistan’s exclusion from the summit invite list raises eyebrows. Some analysts have questioned the move because the country is vulnerable to global warming and Prime Minister Imran Khan’s environmental focus. Others see it as a scam for the country.

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Michael Kugelman, a South Asian scientist at the Woodrow Wilson Center, responded to Pakistan’s exclusion from Kerry’s planned trip to Asia, saying: “First Pakistan has been removed from the invitation list to the upcoming White House Summit on Global Climate. Now the US Climate King John is on the line. traveled to Kerry for consultations to India and Bangladesh. Oh. “”

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