Monday, February 26, 2024

American actress Olivia Wilde finally set to enter the DCEU

Olivia Wilde‘s recent relationships with Harry Styles and ex-husband Jason Sudeikis has the most talked about Hollywood’s item. However, fresh claims are constantly dominating the media. A recent development has revealed a surprising new chapter that Olivia Wilde finally set to enter the DCEU.

Olivia made a movie called ‘Don’t Worry Darling’ and it stars her rumored boyfriend, Harry Styles and Florence Pugh. Wilde has reportedly had an argument with Pugh over equal pay. Their romantic connection to Harry has cited as a possible basis for the Hollywood blacklisting of the Eternals actor.

According to reports, Olivia Wilde has reportedly set to enter the DCEU. Wilde has a good shot of joining the ranks of DC’s superheroes and criminals. She has well-considered by Warner Bros. to helm a film in the DC Extended Universe. It’s evident that the studio has unfazed by the latest wave of scandal around her.

However, Harry Styles’s career in Hollywood is currently precarious. Supposedly, he has banned in Hollywood due to the negative coverage of his connection with Olivia Wilde. The poor reviews of his films and his supposedly disappointing performances also damages his career. Consequently, he may not receive any job offers from agencies.

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