Monday, April 15, 2024

Olivia Wilde reportedly lied to Harry Styles about her relationship with ex-husband

The most recent development in the Olivia WildeHarry StylesJason Sudeikis drama provides further evidence of the veracity of this assertion. Olivia Wilde is all over the news due to a shocking statement provided by her former nanny regarding her past relationship with her ex-husband.

According to reports, Jason once pushed himself in front of Olivia’s car to save her from meeting Harry. Now, the assistance has supposedly divulged even more juicy details. The nanny claims that Olivia Wilde lied to Harry Styles in 2020 about her relationship status with Jason Sudeikis.

Olivia Wilde’s absence from her family increased when she and Harry Styles met in October 2020. During a November visit to their joint residence, she broke up with Jason Sudeikis. About this time, a tabloid magazine released an article claiming Olivia was unfaithful.

According to the her nanny’s statements, Wilde’s accusations that Jason Sudeikis was the source were an attempt on her part to discredit the allegations against her. She did it for Harry Styles because she wanted Harry to think things were over for good and they weren’t.

The nanny said she visited the residence for weeks after the couple broke up and continued giving Sudeikis heartfelt notes. Wilde kept Sudeikis hanging out with her by sharing a bed, getting undressed in the pool and telling him she loved him. Wilde confirmed her romance with Harry Styles to the world five days later.

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