Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Olivia Wilde enjoying Christmas festivities with her kids at Disneyland

After the sudden end of her relationship with ex-boyfriend Harry Styles, Olivia Wilde pretended to be in a good mood.

The director of “Don’t Worry, Darling,” who is 38 years old, just recently offered fans a unique glimpse into her family life by posting fresh photographs from Disneyland, where she and her loved ones enjoyed the holiday season.

On Sunday, Wilde posted a series of charming photos and videos to Instagram that she had taken during a recent trip to the most enchanted area on the planet.

The House star was joined by her two children, Otis, 8, and Daisy, 6, whom she shares with her ex-husband Jason Sudeikis. Otis is an actor, and Daisy is a child actress. While she was online sharing glimpses with her followers, the adorable family had a wonderful day at the theme park and all the festive activities it had to offer.

As she went around on a merry-go-round on a carousel horse, the director of Booksmart could be seen beaming a stunning smile in the photographs that were circulated.

In another picture, Wilde was with the two children as they walked up to Disneyland’s lit-up Christmas tree.

“Bury me under Space Mountain. This is my favorite spot on earth,” Wilde wrote in the post’s description, along with the hashtags “#disneylandchristmas #disneylandholidays #churros #churros #churros.”

The post made by Wilde received a lot of likes in a short amount of time. Jonathan Van Ness, star of the television show Queer Eye, said, “Cutiezzzz. Also, yas churros.”

Reportedly making an effort to move on from her separation from Styles, Wilde recently traveled to Hawaii with her girlfriends to have some R&R after their relationship came to an end.

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