Monday, December 11, 2023

Oliver Daemen will be the youngest human to enter space

The 18-year-old, Oliver Daemen, who bought £20 million in a public auction but cannot take part “by schedule issue,” will take part in Jeff Bezos‘s journey to space after the anonymous bitter has been replaced.

Blue Origin has stated that following the second flight, the 18-year-old – son of Joes Daemen, Chief Executive Officer of Somerset Capital Partners – would take the maiden flag.

“Olive Daemen and Wally funks are the youngest and the oldest astronauts in the world at the age of 18 and age 82,” stated Blue Origin in a statement.

Bob Smith, Chief Executive Officer of Blue Origin, added: “The winner of the auction of Blue Origin, who asked at this time to stay nameless, opted to take part in a future mission because of conflicts. We appreciate the auction winner for their generous contribution from Club for the Future and welcome Oliver. This signals the start of commercial activity and Oliver is a new generation that will assist us to create a path to space.”

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