Tuesday, May 30, 2023

South Korean actor Oh Yeong-su won first Golden Globe Award for his country

This year’s first Golden Globe Award for a South Korean actor went to Oh Yeong-su for his part in Netflix sensation Squid Game. He is earning applause both at home and abroad, despite complaints over the ceremony’s lack of diversity.

As Oh II-nam, commonly known as The Host or Player 001 became the first South Korean to win a Golden Globe for best supporting actor in television. Two famous Billy Crudup and Kieran Culkin were nominated for their roles but Oh Yeong-su beated them to get the award.

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association organised this year’s ceremony. It has criticised for lacking adequate ethical procedures and ethnic diversity. Therefore many actors, directors, and film companies boycotted the event.

In a statement posted by Netflix Oh remarked, “I told myself for the first time, you’re a kind man. Rather of being outside of the world, we’re now within of it. Gratitude to all of you throughout the world for embracing the aroma of our culture and the affection for my family.”

Previously, Youn Yuh-jung was the first South Korean to win an Oscar. Now Mr. Oh Yeong-su’s achievement came to light.

South Korean President Moon Jae-in expressed his congratulations to Oh and the Squid Game cast and crew. He also added that the show’s grim representation of society brought hope to mankind.

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