Monday, December 4, 2023

Nvidia announces Drive Thor for cars infotainment and driver-assistance features

Drive The next generation of automotive-grade semiconductors from Nvidia, called Thor, will combine a number of processes that are currently done separately in cars. The company that makes the chip says that it will handle safety and entertainment functions.

The Drive Thor chipset from Nvidia will come out in 2025. It will replace the Drive Orin and Drive Atlan chipsets. Thor can do 2,000 teraflops of computing. The company says it is much easier to use and smaller than its competitors.

Danny Shapiro, who is the vice president of the automotive division, said the following things at a news conference:

Today’s cars have many computers that help with things like parking and keeping an eye on the driver. The digital instrument cluster, the camera mirrors, and the entertainment system. By the year 2025, these jobs won’t necessitate the use of make on special computers anymore. Instead, Drive Thor will let factories combine these steps into one, which will save them money in the long run.

Nvidia Drive Thor series is in use by a number of companies that make cars. Qualcomm is the company’s main competitor because it sells Snapdragon chips to many automakers for use in infotainment systems.

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Nvidia has worked with a number of car companies, including JiDU Auto, NIO, Li Auto, R Auto, IM Motors, and Polestar. Recent partners of the company include Volvo, Zeekr, and also Xpeng, all of which will use Drive Chipsets in the near future.

Most of Nvidia’s business comes from China, but the company still wants to grow in other countries. There are already rumors that Nvidia is in talks with many multinational manufacturers about becoming a key tech solution provider for automakers around the world.

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