Tuesday, February 27, 2024

NTISB warns job seekers about a data-collecting Indian website

People do warn because a terrible Indian website is collecting personal data (information) about Pakistanis, National Telecommunication and Information Security Board did make the suggestion (NTISB).

In the recommendation, it says that the dangerous software-hosting Indian domain applyforme.pk is already doing fine. The Ministry of Defense’s open jobs on this site look real and come from a real domain.

The study reveals that the suspect domain became set up with the apparent goal of tricking people into applying for jobs with the Ministry of Defence so that their personal information is further stolen. Cyberspies can use this information to carry out operations and set up traps for people who don’t realize they’re watching. The NTISB advises users not to visit this Indian website.

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We’ve learned that mod.gov.pk is where you can apply for jobs at Pakistan’s Ministry of Defense. People who use NTISB websites already know that they must careful when sharing private information online.

The NTISB also offered the following further suggestions:

  • Checking the domain name of the linked site to make sure it is legitimate.
  • Before entering any personal information on a website, you should always look for the “https” prefix.
  • focusing closely on the website’s address (URL). Even if the look of a malicious website is the same as that of a legitimate website, the URL sometimes does spell slightly differently or uses a different domain.
  • If a user has any doubts about the site’s legitimacy, they should try to confirm it by talking to the right people directly.

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