Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Nothing was mentioned in Delhi beyond the PAGD agenda: Omar Abdullah

Omar Abdullah, Vice President of Jammu and the Kashmir National Conference in the unlawfully occupying Indian region of Jammu and Kashmir, stated that nothing was addressed beyond the topic of the Gupkar Alliance’s People’s Declaration at the Delhi All Party Meeting.

Omar Abdullah talked to the media at his Srinagar home saying that on 5 August 2019 the PAGD never took a decision and PAGD will struggle peacefully, constitutionally, and lawfully and do everything it takes to remedy it.

“Is PAGD not on the agenda? No declaration has been made by any party member of the PAGD that they agree and proceed with the decision of August 5.”

“We stated people are upset and did not accept the decision” Omar further remarked at the All-Party meeting.

We are going to betray those who steal us [Article 370], stating that it gets them back,” Omar said.

He also added that it took BJP 70 years to accomplish his goal of repealing Article 370 and whether it lasts 70 or 70 months for us, or whatever, ‘we would not withdraw from our purpose’ Omar stated both Mehbooba Mufti and Farooq Abdullah.

Upon being urged to do so before Article 370 is reinstated, he responded, “I am not sitting here personally.

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