Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Nora Fatehi criticised by fans over wearing bold dress during Ramadan

Fans of Nora Fatehi’s music and style have taken to social media in droves since the release of her music videos. However, recent appearance of Nora Fatehi in bold dress on Instagram has sparked a backlash.

It appears as though Nora’s manner has given netizens yet another opportunity to pour vitriol. Social media users managed to find issues in the actress’ flowery co-ords. Many even went so far as to politicise her religion.

There’s nothing wrong with Nora’s decision to follow her faith the manner she sees fit. As of this writing, India is still a free country. If you don’t like it, let Nora make the option to respect religion and Ramzan.

A person’s eyesight should not mocked or referred to as blind. Nora may have suffering from swollen eyes, dark circles, or exhaustion after a hard day at work. She didn’t want to photograph at her worst. The idea that she should always be at her best is harsh.

Unfortunately, people like you are all over the internet, shaming others for their appearance. Nora is an avid gym-goer and a talented dancer. Nora Fatehi is free to wear any bold of full dress. In the end, the actress is merely keeping herself in good shape. We can all agree that Nora’s envious body is just too much for you to tolerate.

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