Friday, December 1, 2023

Noor Bukhari: I have to answer in my own Grave

Former Lollywood actor Noor Bukhari. Who left showbiz to follow an Islamic path, recently criticized on social media for wearing a dress. While Bukhari shared her photo on Friday in an ivory dress complemented by beads and embellishments. So some critics compared her to a bride, media reported.

“I have to answer at my grave. If anyone has problems with my hijab, they won’t look at me, ”Noor Bukhari replied to negative comments online.

The 38-year-old actor attended his friend’s wedding in a lavish, ornate dress that people claim is ethically immoral given his religious stance. Yet these photos, Noor also shared a short wedding video on her Instagram.

After receiving multiple DMs for her story and Instagram comments in recent posts, she finally responded to criticism: “I know my true intentions and only she has the right to judge, Allah.” After the response, the jewelery actor had restricted her posts to avoid negative feedback.

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